Friday, December 21, 2012

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, my nail art gave to me... Christmas Lights!

Here we are at the conclusion of another absolutely amazing challenge! A few months ago, I was still in the phase of "should I even attempt my own blog". During that time, I was looking at all the 31 day challenges and at some impeccable nail art by Sarah at Chalkboard Nails, Amy Grace at the Polished Perfectionist, Alice at One Nail to Rule them All, Kelly at Tuxarina, and Heather at Peace, Love, and Polish. Since then, I have been very fortunate to start the blog and even get to participate along side Kelly and Heather. I always appreciate their support. Thanks, girls!

Granted, I am not an old pro yet by any means, I can definitely see how through practice and sheer will (lol) you can pick up more skills. Also, I can see how easily you can get addicted to polish. I have quadrupled my stash since September. I've come to totally embrace Indie Polish and can't wait to buy and swatch more in the New Year. It has been awesome to share my love the polishes that Christina at Spy Princess and Pam at Whimsical Ideas make. Also, they are both awesome ladies! (Thanks for the shout outs on Facebook & Twitter!) So, this is a bit of a Christmas love fest... oh well. I am following in my own spirit of "Share the Comments, Share the Love."

So on to the favorite part of the post... the manicure! I have to say, I was at a bit of an impasse. I had a base color that I wanted to use, but I didn't know how it was going to fit in. Leave it to Jes to solve that... The color in question is Nicole by OPI's A Gold Winter's Night ( A Kardashian Kolors holiday release). It's a combination of rose gold microglitter, gold and teal bar glitter that is full coverage in 2-3 coats. It's actually quite lovely. It's kind of like the gold version of OPI's Save Me ( I rocked that over Essie's Marshmallow for a fun summer pedi.) He looked at it and said it either looks like tinsel or a vintage aluminum Christmas tree. Voila! Perfect base for Christmas lights!

For the light cord, I used Stripe Rite in white and Finger Paints Ch-Art-coal Black. With regards to the light bulbs themselves I used Sinful Colors Jungle and Be My Valentine and Essie's Blue Rhapsody (I just bought a few Essie's last night and will swatch soon!). 

So there you have it... the challenge is complete! I hope this has given you a lot of ideas for your Christmas nails. 

Kelly has been so much fun to work with and get to know more during the challenge. Her nails are like art work, so go over to Tuxarina and show the love! 

I plan on posting one more time before Christmas... so see you then!



  1. These are awesome! I love the glittery base..might have to pick that one up! Another challenge well done!

    1. I highly recommend it... didn't think I'd like the color so much. Until the next