Friday, December 28, 2012

Five Top Trends of 2013: #1 Pantone's Color of The Year- Emerald

This post was partially planned, partially spontaneous, and completely inspired by Alli over at The Daily Varnish. (If you haven't checked them out, go over there right now.) This is the blog that truly got me to jump in the game. Alli and Katie do a fabulous job of keeping up on the latest colors, nail trends, color combinations, and product lines out there. Also, I think it's pretty amazing how they respond to every comment. Lately, they have been doing a bit of a year in review and also have been forecasting what 2013 may hold. Specifically, there was a post on the five trends of 2013- of course I had something to say about that...

So in honor of the New Year, five trends in five nights...

First up, Pantone's color of the year is Emerald, and I think we will be coming up green in 2013! Hallelujah! Finally a year with out an orange-based tone. First Honeysuckle, then Tangerine Tango, I get it corals are fun- but I love cool colors! Regarding Emerald, Pantone says, "Lively, Radiant. Lush... A Color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.

Now since it is me- and I am not one for exactness- I am taking this to embrace all rich shades of green this season. My featured mani is OPI's Live and Let Die ( Yes, a Skyfall lacquer- not a gelcolor! Who is shocked?) Live and Let Die is a gorgeous almost-black hunter green with gold and emerald microglitter dancing along the surface. In order to ring in the New Year, I decided to break open a silver Julep Glitter Pot for my accent nail. In order to tame the glitter grit, I used about 4 coats of clear top coat. In the end it feels like OPI's Liquid Sand without paying $8.50 a bottle.

Other gorgeous greens ( or exotic emeralds, if you please...) that are worth mentioning:
Illamasqua's Viridian
China Glaze's Emerald Sparkle
Essie's Mojito Madness
Essie's Stylenomics
Revlon's Posh
OPI's Here Today Aragon Tomorrow
OPI's Jade is the New Black 

Of course there are many more...which is your favorite green to rock in 2013?

Stay tuned tomorrow, for the next trend for the new year...



  1. I'm pretty pumped for the year of emerald! I have most of those colors too so I'm plenty ready for it!

    1. And any of the ones you don't have, go get them... see that is what this girl Kelly tells me all the time...LOL! ( and I have done some damage lately...wait until you see...)

  2. I got a new emerald! I admre your knowledge on polishes can you imagine an upcoming trend? good job on the originality of this kind of post too! jappy new year! :)

    1. As with any trend, it always starts with observation of what is out there in fashion and culture and a lot of personal opinion. This is what I think, some may end up being right others may miss the mark... but I am having a lot of fun. We can thank the girls at the Daily Varnish for the inspiration! Felice Anno Nuovo!