Saturday, November 17, 2012

Introducing Spy Princess: Moneypenny

I am concluding my introduction to Spy Princess with the lacquer inspired by the quintessential Bond girl- Moneypenny. At first she seems steadfast and predicable, but a firecracker lurks underneath. The firecracker spirit is captured perfectly in this hue. 

I will only say this once. This is not an "pumpkin glitter bomb" reserved for Halloween or some random school spirit fest. This is a whimsical yet sexy shade that is perfect to go from day to night. I do have to say the color was a bit difficult to capture in the photo. I kept saying to Jes, "This is just so much more in the natural light!" Oh, why don't you just get a bottle and see for yourself? 

The polish like her entire premiere collection consists of 3-Free suspension base, high-quality pigments and solvent-resistant glitters. Orange micro-glitter, copper hex glitter, holographic micro glitter and iridescent square glitter dance in a orange jelly base. In the right light flashes of blush, mint, and lilac wink through the juicy copper. It is so luscious. 

In order to not have my natural nail color interfere, I "neutralized" it with a base coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Petal Pusher (an ultra-light peach). I applied two coats of Moneypenny over it. This is a color that you can look at over and over and notice something new.

I look forward to reviewing more from Christina and Spy Princess Nail Lacquer! She is an amazing talent and it seems like a lot of you are noticing. My blog received 50 hits within an hour of the Coronation post last night!!! Thank you for the love!

As always the details... Spy Princess is available at Etsy for $8.50 per bottle. Please go and support Christina. Also, show some love and follow her on Twitter @spyprincessnail. 

I am going to leave you with an exciting bit from the source herself as tweeted here:

Things are happening, creativity is flowing! New shades in the works, plus more exciting stuff before the end of the year!


The spy theme continues with the mainstream's contribution to the mix. Skyfall, anyone?


  1. This is lovely! I live the name too...really fits with the theme in the nail polish world lately!

  2. Thank you so much for the awesome write-ups! It's thrilling to see them in action and hear what you think! I agree this one is a bit hard to capture but I think you did an amazing job. I think the peach shade lends a very soft feeling to it, which is so cute!