Saturday, November 3, 2012

Delaunay, Daphne, & Otte crowded on a velvet cushion (DIY Velvet Manicure)

I know what you are going to say, didn't you just mention textured manicures this morning? I did. Though it didn't sound like I was too enthusiastic about them, I really do like the concept. First and foremost, these are one night only manis. Don't think this is lasting you the week, or even the weekend. Any extended time wearing these would look like the manicure version of the "walk of shame".

I skipped over caviar (I want to find a superfine micro bead) and went right to velvet. I was lucky enough to get 12 tubes of flocking powder for $4.00 on sale at my local craft store. I figured I would start small and velvet-ize my It Girl swatches, I just happened to have the perfect colors. 

Velvet skittles, velvet ombres, velvet trigger manis, oh my!

I went a different route than most when it came to application. First, I applied two coats of color and let them dry. (I photographed my nail for my last post.) Then, I applied a thick layer of cheap clear top coat. I then sprinkled an even layer of flocking powder on the nail and patted it down. I cleaned it up by gently brushing around and on the nail with an old makeup brush.

Delaunay drinks a carrot smoothie
A cold frost chills Daphne
Otte skips in a field of sunflowers

I have to say, I like how it came out and I have some pretty sweet nail art ideas for the holiday season incorporating velvet manicures and sequin manicures. 

I'll be on a brief hiatus visiting my parents and will be on the lookout for nail trends and possible a few new shades. Feel free leave to feedback, I'll be checking in to answer...

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