Sunday, April 21, 2013

Suit & Tie: Inspired by Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience

"Let me show you a few things..."

So what a week it has been, lovelies... I had these ready to post last week, but didn't feel quite right due to the tragic events surrounding the Boston Marathon. 

This post will be a bit brief, due to a few things: 1. there aren't too many people left who haven't heard this song ( How is that rock you are living under? Just checking) 2. It's nice to let the color speak for itself and 3. self-explanatory nail art really can stand on it's own.

The featured lacquer is Orly's High on Hope from the Hope & Freedom Fest Collection. This is a stunner, it takes my favorite Winter nail shade and flips it into Spring and Summer perfection. High on Hope is a Prussian leaning navy blue with heliotrope shimmer. She is craveworthy. Indoors it plays as a demure office and event ready shade, but in the light it knows how to turn it up. The refraction and shimmer is off of the charts. I can't wait to rock this as a pedi as well. 

The nail art was executed with Nail Candy Art Pens in White and Black to illustrate the front of a tuxedo and pinstripes. I think I have to pause and say a fine looking man in a pinstripe suit does things for me... ( especially you, Mr. Jes). The look was finished with some rhinestone embellishment. 

This is manicure goes out to Tux of Tuxarina. Tux is Kelly's particular and refined tuxedo black cat. He definitely wears his tuxedo for no reason...

I do want to take a moment to remember those lost on Marathon Monday, those injured and their families. Also let's keep in mind all the Boston, the Massachusetts, and the New England residents affected as a result of the aftermath. May the memories of the lost be eternal and may strength be present in everyone's lives. 

Taken yesterday in Boston at the site of one of the memorials.

We all together are BostonStrong.


  1. Great post Elena!! You know I'm scared of dark colors on my nails...but I really like High On Hope here. I think I might actually need to get this one! I admired it in the bottle, but was too unsure of you're warming me up to it. :)
    Glad to hear everyone you knew in the area ended up being safe and sound.

  2. Omg my cat is so fancy! We keep having to tell him no cigars in the house but does he listen???...I love both of these manis ..odd enough I just heard this song like two days ago..

  3. Both mani's are really gorgeous as always Elena. ♥ The tux nail art is so neatly done, and the Boston support mani is gorgeous , and has such a special meaning too. ♥

  4. A memorial nail art for the marathon tragedy is in my plans, wanted to ask you and the sistas to join me. Amazing pic, love the first mani's thumb and the yellow polish in the second one is just wow!

  5. BTW come and check my blog, lots of stuff going on!
    - I have nominated you for the Liebster award
    - I have written an update on our meet-up