Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Fling Challenge Day Five: Watermarble or Gradient

Welcome, to the final day of the challenge! Just a recap this is a cooperative effort between myself and Kelly of Tuxarina, the Spring Fling Challenge is a five day mini skills showdown. We are fortunate to be joined by five others representing both the US and International nail blogging communities:

Hayley of Polished at Heart
Jackie of Polished at Heart 
Erin of LovelyLacqueredLife
Ghila of Nails Noob
Lynette of Pink & Purple Dots

It was my intention to attempt a Watermarble, but the week after vacation is a crash landing. I solemnly swear you will see a Watermarble soon! Instead, I bring you my (in)famous "Lazy Glitter Gradient" a.k.a. "Fake It Until You Make It and Let the Glitter Distract". I started with a base of Sinful Colors' Candy Coated, a periwinkle leaning lilac, then I coated the top half of each nail with Julep's Julia, a stunning gold-purple micro shimmer. The entire nail was swept with Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Snowglobe. Next three quarters of the nail was painted in KBShimmer's The Square. The Square is a purple-plum jelly with a cacophany of square glitters in a range of sizes suspended in it. The colors dance between purple, white and gold to turquoise and cobalt. This is an amazing instant jelly sandwich... or as I like to say "preserve press". The mani was topped with another coat of Snowglobe. It's not perfect, but it's fun! It's Friday, and I am going with it...

I can't wait to see what all the ladies have done! Please share the comments and share the love...

Thank you so much to all of the girls for participating! Lynette, Ghila, Hayley, Jackie, Erin you did an amazing job and stayed so dedicated! Love to all of you! A special thanks to my challenge partner in crime, Kelly. This is our third challenge together since October... what are we going to cook up next, dear? Hehehe...

Happy Friday, lovelies... enjoy!


  1. GORGEOUS ! And thanks again for the lovely challenge, was so much fun ! I love the purples together ♥

  2. Love the purples in this! ..summer is coming and I say we tackle the 31 day challenge??? Hahah it's a big leap!

    1. Lol I'd prefere a non every day challange but it was awesome to collab with you guys and I'm super ready to repeat the experience! :)

  3. wow the lacquers colours are so unique and awesome! I love that you top coated it with those flakies, they suite the look perfectly.

  4. This looks great! Why do I NEVER think about using Snowglobe? That is a such a good idea for these glitter gradients.
    This was a great challenge, thanks for co-coordinating it! It was like a little polish/ blog boot camp! :)