Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Fling Challenge Day One: Indie Skittle


Welcome, lovelies, to April and a new Challenge! A cooperative effort between myself and Kelly of Tuxarina, the Spring Fling Challenge is a five day mini skills showdown. We are fortunate to be joined by five others representing both the US and International nail blogging communities:

Hayley of Polished at Heart
Erin of LovelyLacqueredLife
Ghila of Nails Noob
Kylie of SparKylie Nails
Lynette of Pink & Purple Dots

Today's theme celebrates the ground breaking individuals who have formed what we know and lust as the "indie" polish movement. Indie lacquers take all forms: glitters, holos, creams, semi-mattes, flakies, shimmers, jellys, crellys, and cremes. The color variety is so bold and far reaching there is something for everyone. The polishes are so desired, the mainstream lacquer community is taking notice. OPI has introduced more multi-colored glitters like Rainbow Connection and China Glaze has introduced a black and white glitter, Whirled Away, and a multi-colored glitter white crelly, It's A Trap-eze. Most recently, Illamasqua released their speckled polishes (pastel crellies with black hex glitter) Freckle, Speckle, Fragile, Mottle, and Scarce . I can say I own at least one of each kind of these indie inspired beauties.

For the challenge I felt I was important to recognize the talent, creativity, and perseverence of the independent polish manufacturers.  Hence the "indie skittle." Starting from left to right (pinky to thumb):

KBShimmer's Where My Peeps At? over OPI's Don't Talk Bach To Me
Whimisical Ideas by Pam's Seuss over OPI's Suzi Says Feng Shui
Windestine's Fireworks over Julep's Simone
Takko Lacquer's Glittergasm over Julep's Adrianna
Oopsie Daisies' Bluebird over Julep's Shenae

I can't wait to see what all the ladies have done! Please share the comments and share the love...

Stay tuned for day two.... In Bloom!
(Please note that KBShimmer, Windestine, Takko Lacquer, and Oopsie Daisies are available at Etsy. Whimsicial Ideas by Pam sells direct from her Facebook page. Takko Lacquer ships international with MeiMei's Signatures.)

Also, thanks to my awesome husband, Jesse, for assisting with the graphic. Also, he bought me those flowers for our anniversary last year...


  1. O this is soooo gorgeous !!! L.O.V.E !!! ♥ And on a side note, I love the arm candy your rocking too, matches the mani perfectly ♥

    1. Thank you so much, Lynn! I love my Angela Moore and Kate Spade Idiom bracelets too... that is how I planned my polish!

  2. Oh Elena..I love this one, so romantic, simple and cute! Every time I see an indie lacquer, I really love the style, overall of those like your Oopsie Daisies, Seuss and KB Shimmer. This is sooo neat, great job!

    1. Thanks Ghila! I really like to take my time picking these out.. they are a labor of love. <3

  3. So cute! All of those work so good together for a bright fun manicure!

    1. thank you so much Miss Kelly... you were the one who got me to jump into the Indie boat... it was your swatch of Kiss The Sky on Sheryl's page on Etsy... which I still don't have!

  4. Replies
    1. thank you so much, Jackie, glad you like it!

  5. Awesome skittle! Maybe I shouldn't have been so timid with mine! I like getting to see uniqueness of the indies and it's so true what you you said about the mainstream polish companies taking notice of indie creations.
    Ha! Even I remember when I first got into nail polishes, I didn't even think about ever getting into the indies....they were so wild and different to me :) But I'm happy to say I'm carefully building my collection around what I like and I love looking at indies now.

    1. I love your mani! It is very you, Hayley! There is always a next time... hehehe... Thanks for your comment on my editorial. I really enjoy seeing the mainstream brands pushing the envelope. I also think its important to curate an indie collection. It makes for a special experience! :) <3