Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Fling Challenge Day Four: Bunnies!

Welcome, to day four of the challenge! Just a recap this is a cooperative effort between myself and Kelly of Tuxarina, the Spring Fling Challenge is a five day mini skills showdown. We are fortunate to be joined by six others representing both the US and International nail blogging communities:

Hayley of Polished at Heart
Jackie of Polished at Heart 
Erin of LovelyLacqueredLife
Ghila of Nails Noob
Kylie of SparKylie Nails
Lynette of Pink & Purple Dots

As another reminder for days two through four, I will be sharing a new product with you, Nail Candy Nail Art Pens. I am very fortunate to have a dear friend and comrade in fashion, June at JM Princewell on the Oval in New Hampshire. She is the reason I am laced in Pandora, adore Paddywax, and am addicted to Tea Forte. Her taste is impeccable and the experience of her store is unsurpassed. She has a firm commitment to US Made, NH Made, Fair Trade, and For Women By Women products. This is a commendable effort. June is helping to underwrite my challenge by asking me to test the nail art product. Today's effort was a bit more streamlined, but still whimsical.

Thanks to Amanda Z. at The Nail Polish Enthusiast and Amanda A. at Fashion Footing for funding today's manicure! The polishes came from swaps and gift exchanges. These ladies have been very generous, and I appreciate it! The need for China Glaze's It's a Trap-Eze came from seeing Lynette's stunning nail art and swatches... Thank you, my dear!


My Tarina Tarantino Kyoto Carnival Bonnie Brae earrings in Candy Floss

My nails were painted with a combination of a few shades. First up, Essie's Where's My Chauffeur? a Winter 2012 release. I would definitely call this a Tiffany Blue shade. I topped these nails with Black Cat Lacquer's Let Them Eat Cake- a pastel glitter topper.  The next shade was also a holiday release from the China Glaze Cirque De Soleil inspired line. It's a Trap-Eze is a stunning indie inspired lacquer that is a multi-glitter suspended in a perfect milky white base. My bunny design (inspired by socks that Amanda A. sent with my Secret Bunny exchange package) is simple- but super fun. Couldn't resist adding some a bit of bling on the bunny tail...

I can't wait to see what all the ladies have done! Please share the comments and share the love...

To be concluded- tomorrow wraps up the challenge... watermarble or gradient!


  1. Are those bunnies earings ?? *FAINTS* o my goodness I want some too !!! You know my love for it's a Trap-Eze... Super gorgeous colour on you too ♥ I LOOOOOVVVVVEEE the bunny and the sparkly bunny tail ♥ AMAZING ! ♥

  2. I love it's a trap eze! I really need to pick that one up..this design is too cute

  3. Love that Essie! What a beautiful and fun shade!

  4. It's a Trap-eze looks like it will go with any color pretty much and it definitely looks perfect with Where's My Chauffeur? Love the bunny too! How do you like Let Them Eat Cake? I'll have to try it soon.

  5. I love the idea within this nail art! I think it is so joyful and playful and I adore this about it. And the bunny is so cute and different, it looks like a puppy bunny, I'm sure that Alex is a fun of it ;)

  6. BTW did I already mention that I LOOOOVE it's a trap eeze??? :P LOL