Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Five Top Trends of 2013: #5 Indie Polishes FT. Spy Princess' Kir Royale

Happy 2013! Wonderful wishes for a fabulous new year! Mojo is clicking about something, but it's more likely " Ma, stop typing a hamster's gotta sleep." Welcome to the final installment of my top five trends. I have to say that this has been a lot of fun, so you might see more trend forecasting from me in the future.

I have to say this one was a no-brainer. Indie polishes are amazing for a few reasons. First, it's about the creativity. I look at each one being a little piece of art, the selection of colors and the time it took to craft. Second, I love the names! I have to say it, even if a color is just cool sometimes the name throws it over the top... Finally (and most importantly), its about encouraging small business, I come from three generations of small business owners and am a total supporter.

The polish I am featuring was selected by my husband, Jesse.  I had been showing him about 5,000 polish shades to give him ideas for Christmas. He snooped out my Etsy favorites and found this one. He loves purple. It was no surprise to me when I saw this color that it was the perfect gift from him.

Also, I am super psyched because it's a polish from Spy Princess. I have waxed poetic about Christina's line so many times. Seriously though, awesome colors, fabulous brand concept- you have got to love it! Kir Royale was a holiday release and is a great festive winter color. It is a sheer dusky purple jelly with silver, copper, black, and plum glitter hexes of various sizes. I have to say that I am partial to glittery polishes with colored bases, and this definitely fit the bill. This color can be worn on its own, but I layered it over Essie's Wicked for a more vampy look. Super sexy. 

Spy Princess is available at Etsy. Please check them out on Facebook and Twitter. I know that Christina is hard at work on a new release for 2013...

A few indie polish lines to check out for 2013. I have a feeling that they will continue to amaze...

Whimsical Ideas by Pam
Serum No 5
Sinister Benediction
Tough As Nails Lacquer
Maisie Shine
All That Glitters
Oopsie Daisies

And oh yes, a bit of a countdown extra... Elena's top ten of 2013:

1. OPI On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
2. OPI Unfor-greta-bly Blue
3. Julep Julia
4. Julep Ivy
5. Whimsical Ideas by Pam Magical Mystery Tour
6. Spy Princess Cloak & Dagger
7. Essie Beyond Cozy
8. Essie Mojito Madness
9. Tough As Nails Lacquers The Baconian Method
10. LVX Midori

I was trying to get a photo of Mojo "announcing" my number one color OPI's OHMSS. (I never wear colors twice any more, but I LOVE this color.)  He was not having it last night... here are some super cute (non-edited) attempts of trying to get the picture...

Look at that cute paw!

" I am not going to look where you want me to. The back of me is amazing."

"I will totally eat your ring, woman, if you don't put me down!"

What are your fave indie brands and polishes of the year?


  1. I am discovering indie polishes these days, and I defenetly want them to become one of my 2013 new trends. I think they look more cozy casual and originally crazy, other than more ethical. I still don't have some fave ones, but planning on having some soon ;) If you'd like to swap some of them with me, in exchange with some italian polish, I'd be happy to! :)

    1. I love indies and I agree with you that they are a lot easier to support than larger companies for numerous reasons. We'll definitely have to come up with a good swap very soon... :)

  2. P.S. Mojo is soooo cute, makes me wanna hold him!

    1. I love that crazy kid! He is usually very good about pictures but he was on a mission that night. He loves new people and doesn't mind being picked up at all. He also thanks you for recognizing that he is super cute. Ha Ha :)

  3. Thanks for keeping on eye on things to come at Tough As Nails Lacquer! We have 2 exciting collections coming up in the first quarter of the year: The Dregs Collection (2 work friendly glitters and 2 shimmering cremes) and the Come & See Collection, based on the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Hopefully we will please!

    1. I am incredibly excited to see the new collections! I think the concepts of tea- I am a huge tea drinker- with the Dregs collection and the Four Horsemen with Come & See are two really great ideas. I love the contrast between the mythical and the mundane and can't wait to see where you take it. See this is why Tough As Nails is one to watch and why Indies in general are on the forefront! Can't wait to place my order!!!

  4. Thank you so much for featuring SP again & including Cloak & Dagger in your top 10! Kir Royale looks incredible on you, the layering really makes it pop! So cute that your husband was snooping your Etsy too, very sneaky! haha

    One indie polish line I've been drooling over lately is My Ten Friends. Maybe strange to promote someone else but they really impress me!

    1. It's totally my pleasure! I love it over Wicked, but I am definitely curious to layer it over a neutral or even a lavender leaning gray. That Jesse is super sneaky when it comes to gift giving... it's pretty awesome the stuff he comes up with. He also liked how you had it wrapped ( so he didn't have to...lol)

      I love My Ten Friends! I have been wanting to try a few. They have a great color selection and I like their branding a lot too.

      Thanks again for visiting!!! Can't wait to see the new shades! ( Crossing my fingers for something in teal)