Saturday, January 26, 2013

In a Galaxy (Nail) Far, Far, Away...

I was a bit nervous to attempt this technique, I have to confess... There are so many bloggers out there who blow this technique out of the water, and I didn't want to end up as an epic fail.  I have to say I blame it on the Cassiopeia, it was soooo pretty and made me think of stars and constellations. You see where my mind was going... oh, yeah. (No, not there.) Galaxy nails.

So I pulled out eight polishes and my trusty makeup sponge, and went for it. Honestly, there was no specific plan, it was haphazard layering and placing until I got the depth I was looking for. To finish off the look I added some freehand stars and dots with my Stripe Rite in White.

I am going to let the design speak for itself, so behold the pic heavy post starring the following:
Effervescence Nail Lacquer in Cassiopeia (indigo duochrome)
Effervescence Nail Lacquer in The Great Oz (emerald shimmer)
Essie in Turquoise & Caicos ( light turquoise sheer)
Essie in Blue Rhapsody ( slate blue metallic)
Julep in Ellie (opalescent seashell pink)
Julep in Madison (neon pink semi-matte)
Julep in Ivy (sapphire micro-glitter metallic)
Julep in Harper (opalescent mermaid blue multi-dimensional glitter)

Let me know what you think... 


  1. Those look awesome! I love the green in there

    1. thanks, chica! I thought of you when I did these because I know how much you love Galaxy print :)

  2. I like that so much! It looks so happy and neat. I only wish you'd show a closer off pic. Congratulations on the ability of putting so many colours in it! So, thecnique was: a coloured base, a sparkly coat, then dotted and designed stars? It looks amazing, and I love how the blue and the glowing colours look on you!
    Also, loving your geeky side more and more and LOVE you for the "Star Wars" quote!!!!! YEY!!! :)

    1. It was a dark blue base, then I sponged the colors, then layered the glitter. I'll do a tutorial with another color variation. Thanks for the love... and geekiness rules!

  3. Gorgeous !! Wow !! Rea;;y love the demension in the colour , and the over all look ! 10 / 10 !

    1. Woo, hoo! 10/10 Where do I go from there???? Thanks, girl!