Friday, January 4, 2013

Nail Art to Desire: Inspired by Margot Elena's TokyoMilk Dark

Today is a randomly inspired nail art post. A massive amount of ladies are joining Debbie at The Crumpet for her take on the 31 Day Challenge and day one for them was black and white. It got me to thinking that I really wanted to do some intensive monochromatic nail art. What to do was the issue... I was looking around the house and inspiration hit when I saw my perfumes. I am a huge fan of Margot Elena's TokyoMilk Dark Femme Fatale Collection. Sexy fragrances, out-of-this-world body products, delicious lip balms, and super creative branding. I personally wear Tainted Love. Amazing.

This mani is pretty straight forward, I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Midnight in NY- a gorgeous black with multicolor micro glitter.  I then did freehand nail art with my Stripe Rite in White. I topped it with two coats of matte to mimic the painted black glass of the bottle. Overall, this had such a Victorian Apothecary feel to it. I felt like I should be drinking absinthe and reciting Edgar Allan Poe, while rocking this manicure. A bit chic, a bit goth, a lot to love.

The seal that is featured on every bottle in the collection

Based on the scent Arsenic

Based on the scent Tainted Love

Based on the scent Crushed

Based on the scent Everything & Nothing

I hope you enjoyed these nails. I look forward to getting a bit more artsy and off the beaten path this month, but I think it will be quite fun. Also looking forward to new collections being released: Whimsical Ideas by Pam for Valentine's, Eliza at Tough As Nails is doing one based on tea (Oh my god am I excited- I am the ultimate tea aficionado), Chelsea at Pretty & Polished has a themed set based on Marie Antoinette (check out Kelly's post at Tuxarina) Christina at Spy Princess is at work on her 2013 line. 

What does this mean? We are all headed to the poor house- but we will have awesome nails!


  1. These are so intricate they look awesome Elena! Thanks for the blog link too! :)

  2. anytime! It was such a great post on P&P's collection. Thanks so much... it was so much fun to just draw. I have a few more "inspired by things I love posts" up my sleeve...

  3. I am in love. I adore the gothic, dark, still chic look! Though I'llnever be able to reproduce it, if we'd ever get to meet up I'd ask you to design this on me :) I'll maybe try something similar for next halloween party.
    Talking business, I have nominated you for the liebster award! ;) Check here:

    1. Thanks! I definitely think this look can be fun too! Try using a striping polish to do details, it is definitely a quick way to get results. I truly appreciate the nomination!