Monday, October 22, 2012

Day Six TDoHNC: “I’m walking through spiderwebs…

…leave a message and I’ll call you back.”

It’s day six and the pop culture and music references do not stop. Today is technically Spiders/Webs. I wanted to pay tribute to our challenge post and replicate the spiderwebs. I think they are a great delicate design. They are easy to do but look like you took some time.

I went to my favorite black one-coat, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 670 Midnight in NY. (Writing these posts has made me realize I own a lot of Sally Hansen. In general, they have a wide variety of color and they are a decent mid-range product. On non-nail art days I stick to OPI- creature of habit.)

I then did a sweep of glitter with Wet N’ Wild’s Fast Dry Party of Five Glitters. This color is a great alternative to OPI’s Rainbow Connection or Nicole by OPI’s Rainbow In the S-Kylie.  I added the webs with my Stripe Rite in white. 

Check out the other excellent blog entries from the ladies in the challenge. It’s the love from all of you that are keeping us rocking this day after day!

Kelly from Tuxarina
Heather from Peace, Love, & Polish

Stay tuned, day seven… Frankenstein!


  1. I love the sparkly base you use! Its subtle but still stands out.

  2. Midnight in NY is the best... it is the perfect night out color and I think it's pretty professional for an office setting,