Friday, October 19, 2012

Day Five TDoHNC: Darling, you've gone completely batty!

It's day five and we've gone batty!

Bats made me think of haunted houses, which strangely made me think of ornate wall paper ( a la Disney's Haunted Mansion). After all of that, I arrived at the design below.

A bit more tame than the past two days... but I kinda love them. (I am going to try this during the holidays with red and white stripes and holly sprigs)

I started with a base of Finger Paints Paper Mache. I then painted two coats of Sally Hansen Hi-Definition DVD.

With Stripe Rite in white I did the vertical stripes, then added the bats with Finger Paints striper in Ch-Art-coal Black.

I have to say, I have been super psyched with all my designs the past week. Also, I have loved everything Kelly, Jennifer & Heather have done. It's amazing how different how everyone interprets a theme.


The challenge continues again on Monday. Fear not because I will be posting this weekend with the assistance of my lovely guest blogger- my mom, Marina. She will be rocking some pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Be sure to check out the awesome ladies of the nail challenge...

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Returning on Monday, day six... Spiderwebs!


  1. I love the base color you used here! The strips on top make it look almost 3d!

    1. thanks much! This color is super fun... looks great over black and purple, too. I have been dying to do stripes or plaid ...

  2. Awesome job! I love the base color you used as well! Such a pretty purple!! Your bats are very cute!

    1. I love purple and it is such a Halloween color! The bats were fun, but it was tough to keep my striper brush from getting too gloppy and thick.