Sunday, February 24, 2013

From Italy With Love: LAYLA Ceramic Effects' The Butterfly Effect

Ciao bella!

I have been very fortunate to meet so may wonderful people since September! During this time I have received a few special packages, but the one I am about to show you did quite a bit of traveling. My friend, Ghila from Nails Noob, sent me a lovely package all the way from her home country of Italy. I was super excited to get it, and I can definitely tell all the love that was put into sending it stateside!

She sent me quite a few amazing things. Before I get into sharing the package contents, I wanted to feature one of the polishes she sent. LAYLA is a cosmetics company based out of Milan, Italy that has been getting a lot of attention over in the US for the past year or so. They have a great 3-free line, of many finishes and shades. The Butterfly Effect ( a dupe of Nfu Oh 51 and cousin of Cult Nails Clairvoyant, distant relative of Clarins 230 and Max Factor Fantasy Fire) is pretty amazingly awesome. The polish itself is a luscious royal purple jelly with iridescent multicolor flakies. The color shift from ruby red to emerald green ( and every color in the spectrum) is noticeable and stunning. I was in Sephora and one of the girls grabbed my hand to see what I was wearing. It's that cool. It was a smooth application and opaque in three coats.

In addition, Ghila also sent me two other polishes that I will be featuring soon. First up is LAYLA Softouch in Golden Touch. The Softouch line features a sueded matte metallic finish. It's very elegant. She also sent Lady Venezia in Oro/ No. 22. This is a delightfully sunny gold microglitter in a golden tinted base. 

In addition she sent me some wonderful natural and cruelty free products, Ghila has taken a firm commitment on her blog and in her life to support this great cause. ( Way to go, sista!) She sent me a handcrafted soap with herbs from her garden, honey manicure creme, lemon extract for baking, and some samples of hair and skin products. What a stellar introduction to Italian health and beauty products!

I can't thank Ghila enough for her generosity, hopefully my package to her will be making it's way soon... 


  1. Hey you lady with the amazing smile! :)(you readers should have seen the outlook of the package eheh!) This post made my day sista!! I'm so happy you liked it and took the time to share it! Thank you so much for the super nice words, I just did it with my heart. Your support in my cruelty free commitment really makes me feel so good, and your appreciation is so heart warming. I loved the overall experience and how it has been bonding for me and you. Hope you and Jess appreciated my little letters and Jess liked his samples too. I'm so hoping to get your package, and very soon! I can't wait and I know it will complete my collection in the best of ways. Now I feel like I sent you too little,but it was heartfelt indeeed. Lots of love from Italy <3 let's talk soon!
    p.s. I give you an A in italian understanding and writing! :)

    1. The packaging was the best- perfezione! So sweet! The box was in stellar condition!!!! The post officials in Italy and the US listened to you, Ghila! It is my absolute pleasure to support your resolution and commitment to vegan/ cruelty free products. That is why I married a Seriously though, this has been an amazing experience. Thank you for your high mark of my Italian comprehension, it's only because of my French and Spanish. Don't think I'll be fluent any time

  2. P.S. PLUS, thank you soooo much for making me discover this really great lacquers, Layla does special stuff and in a very good quality! I would suggest it to everyone. Also, I adore your braclet, and your nails and hands look soooo good with the Ceramic Effect!! I adored that colour and want it for myself too since!! I think it is the most amazing and unique one ever, and I've been hipnotized by it when packing it..In these pics it looks like it has pink flakes, but I remember so many colours as you well said. Do you think the Lady Venezia would nicely top coat the Golden Touch? A BIG HUG

  3. Wowi, thats one seriously gorgeous nail polish colour !! ♥ Looks fantastic on you !! And love the bracelet too ! ♥

    1. Thank you so much, Lynn! I wore this until yesterday! I never do that... love at first sight. Love my Pandora, got it about 6 years ago. I'll do a post and coordinating mani on in an "Inspired By" post for you...

  4. That Lemon oil is great also to add to Extra virgin olive oil to make a nourishing nail oil. I do it with exactly the same lemon essential oil.

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