Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Not Just a Name, A State of Mind: I Love NP - Part Two

Here is the recap on I Love Nail Polish, lovelies: 
Vegas created and made by Barbra, ILNP specializes in glitters and creme-jelly glitters. The line recently expanded into a limited-edition Holographic release and also featured a Spring limited-edition creme selection.

The creativity behind this line blew me away. The branding, the packaging, the color concepts, and the quality are amazing for an independent line. ILNP's customer service standard is stellar- professional, timely, and lovely!

Time to show you the lacquer...

This is a pic heavy post highlighting, Strawberry Crème, Cheshire Blues, and, A Golden Orchid. 
Strawberry Crème is a reminiscent of a sweet strawberry milkshake. This is a stunning creme-jelly polish featuring of pink, fuchsia, and red circle glitters. (Please note that per it's description it is 75% opaque.)

Cheshire Blues is a flirtatious and fun selection of purple, fuchsia, and light teal hexes with a scattering of pale pink heart glitter. On this polish, Barbra says, "If you're in the market for uncontrollable cuteness on your fingertips – Cheshire Blues is the polish for you! I mean it! Seriously... you're already 10 times cuter for considering it. Imagine what will happen when you wear it!" Love it.

A Golden Orchid is a true glitterbomb, that is a cacophony bold jewel toned glitters: gold, emerald, purple, and fuchsia. 

(Strawberry Crème and Cheshire Blues featured Zoya Dana and Jaime and A Golden Orchid featured Zoya Julieanne and Solange (Pixie Dust) )

Please check out ILNP at the following venues:

Prices are currently ( as of 05/12/2013- prices to change at discretion of the manufacturer) $10 USD for full size and $3.75 USD for the ultra mini (featured here).
All items reviewed were purchased (gladly) with my own funds.

Share the comments, share the love... part three is coming...


  1. These look amazing! I love all the combos you did! They looked great together.

  2. wow these are amazing! especially the white base coated one and the purple last one, oh i sooo want them! and thank you so much for the closer pics :) i love them!

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