Sunday, May 12, 2013

Not Just a Name, A State of Mind: I Love NP - Part One


Tell me lovelies, that says it all- right? 

It is my absolute pleasure to share the creations of style maven, Barbra, and - her passion, her pride, her brand- I Love Nail Polish. This polish has been featured by some of the loveliest lacqueristas on the web, but you know I have to represent this only like I can. 

Vegas created and made, ILNP specializes in glitters and creme-jelly glitters. The line recently expanded into a limited-edition Holographic release (I am amazed by AC Slater, Touch of Mint, Chloe & Monterey Bay) and also featured a Spring limited-edition creme selection.

The creativity behind this line blew me away. The branding, the packaging, the color concepts, and the quality are amazing for an independent line. The best part, which you will only find out about if you jump on in ( this is a 75 degree infinity pool on a sunny yet breezy day without a cloud in the azure sky),  is the customer service standard. Barbra is professional, timely, and lovely! I had a fan girl moment when she followed me on Instagram. She commented not only on her products, but other pictures and products I use. Class act alert.

As I always say, on to the business at hand...

This is a pic heavy post highlighting, Up to Snow Good, Bohemian Peacock, and So Ghoul. 

Up to Snow Good is an avalanche of matte, prismatic, pearlized, and translucent glitters in teal, blue, white, and aqua. Barbra said ,on her Etsy description of this color, "The polish reminds me of those mints that we all tried to bite on in the dark to make spark. I never could get that to happen… must have been a conspiracy to get gullible children to buy mints instead of chocolate."

Bohemian Peacock is a glitterbomb of orange, green, blue, and teal. Barbra said her inspiration walked straight off the catwalks at Fashion Week. This will make you work. Fierce. 

So Ghoul is a another atmospheric top coat. This is a haze of gunmetal, gray, black, citrine, and slate glitters. This color to Barbra is "reminiscent of a lonely tombstone". It reminds me of Disneyworld Florida's Haunted Mansion or a steamy Boston night... don't ask. 

(All shades are featured over Zoya's Delicata. Thanks to Radha for her selection of this neutral for this post.)

Please check out ILNP at the following venues:

Prices are currently ( as of 05/12/2013- prices to change at discretion of the manufacturer) $10 USD for full size and $3.75 USD for the ultra mini (featured here).
All items reviewed were purchased (gladly) with my own funds.

Share the comments, share the love...

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Marina, who is dying to try ILNP in July! xoxoxo
Also, all the best to those who are Moms or the special women in your lives...


  1. I love the manicure with these! I keep seeing these all over but haven't tried them yet!

    1. some lovely named Kelly tells me, "Treat Yo Self"... get some ultra minis... great way to learn about the product!

  2. Awesome to see all these! I missed your posts! :)

    1. is it weird to say, me too!? writing is sooooo relaxing. I think you'll find one or two that you would be interested in... Up To Snow Good is one of them... thanks sista Hayley!

  3. oooh they are al so cute and joyfull! love this mani! just back from my trip to cyprus and thought of my sista a lot :)

  4. GORGEOUS as always ... These beauties are really stunning . ♥